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Editorial: Saviors at risk

No one in this country is feeling safe, even those who are living and working in highly fortified compounds where scores of bodyguards stand on high alert to avoid any untoward situation. But, they are few in numbers and called the elite class. What about those who have no protection at all? Their voices cannot reach to those who are at the helm of power. Teachers, students, elders, children, women, religious scholars, soldiers, cops, journalists, judges, rights activists, traders, drivers and passengers are killed or kidnapped in broad daylight. Arrest of culprits and delivery of quick justice has become an elusive dream. Speedy justice and public safety cannot be ensured because parasite of corruption is eating every department and writ of the government is too weak.

These are the factors eroding public trust. The trust deficit is becoming a wide gulf with each passing day. The authorities cannot placate the situation through statements and promises because the government had not been successful in fulfilling a single promise till date. It is also very strange that those who had no public support and were unknown till recent are part of the government. They have no mandate but yet convene and attend seminars on issues of national importance. This mismanagement, misuse of authority and lack of coherent policy is putting lives of Afghans at great risk.

The maladministration which is responsible for insecurity across the country had put lives of 15 de-miners at risk in western Herat province. These saviors were kidnapped by unidentified men. It is not the first incident nor will it be the last one if the government was confined only to the capital city. Herat is ripe for drug addiction and militancy. Two rival groups of the Taliban have killed and injured over 100 fighters in the infighting. If government has writ in the province, the militant factions would have not dared to roam freely and target each other and cause panic.

Security situation in southern, northern and eastern provinces is beyond argument because there had been much debate over the issue in the parliament and media. Fall of Kunduz City to the Taliban in late September last year, presence of Daesh and the Taliban in Nangarhar, Uruzgan, Helmand and other provinces are the clear signs that policymakers have no plan to improve law and order situation. In a country where scores of civilians are killed by landmines, kidnapping of the de-miners is shocking and a matter of grave concern for public. They are putting their lives in danger to save innocent people. If they were not allowed to work then civilian casualties caused by landmines would increase to a level beyond imagination. Therefore, the government should leave no stone unturned to rescue the de-miners. There is need for a security strategy to ensure safety of the de-miners.

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