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Editorial: Scourge of unemployment

In the last recent years, the Afghan masses have been caught in the vise of lost employment as a result of diminish in the investment and also fragile security situation. The factor behind redundancy has a direct links to insecurity, leading to economic instability. Security concerns amid rising violence have also negatively impacted economic growth. None can deny the negative crash of unemployment in societies, which is irrupting more aggravation among jobless youth with dire consequences. Beside other issues, unemployment has been one of the main challenges in the past 17-year that unfortunately both the governments—previous one and the incumbent—failed to overcome this ailment that has been stifling our youths. Despite showering of billions of dollars with abundance of projects in different area have not make the grade to a sustainable employment. This is really bad we lost a great chance. However, fish will be fresh all the time, let’s do the fishing once again though with meager resources, but still would see the result. It is annoying to learn that 24 percent of qualified Afghans are looking for job without any hope in sight. The National Unity Government must gear up efforts to create an effective solution to overcome unemployment. The Ministry of Labor, has suggested a roadmap to reduce the level of joblessness. “The important parts of the roadmap should include identifying new policies required, implementing a comprehensive and effective research strategy and development budget for this year, national budget arrangements for the coming years based on measuring job creation capacity, identifying all necessary measures to encourage, support and strengthen the private sector, including large, medium and small enterprises,” the ministry highlighted. This is a good offer if implemented. In regard to private security, there is no denying to the fact that insecurity is main factor behind lacking investments. The traders are not feeling safe, in such scenario why should do investment. The private sector has invested a lot in different fields in spite of insecurity, but really regretted by ongoing bureaucracy and corruption. This is also anther biggest problem. Under such circumstances pinning hope to get off from fragile economy and security situation would be childish. Indeed, the problem of unemployment, in a so-called post-conflict country like Afghanistan, can have unwanted and ugly repercussions. With such set up, it is need of the hour to find that why the related officials failed to address youth unemployment. Applying a logic strategy to deal with scourge of unemployment must be measured as priority of the related officials.

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