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Editorial: Second Moscow moot may historical

In the wake of Taliban’s political office Doha Qatar’s willingness of participating the second intra-Afghan dialogue session at Moscow, commencing from Tuesday (today) likely to be an historical event. The Taliban delegates are going to land in Moscow before commencing of the moot on Tuesday morning. Beside Taliban a delegation of leaders from different groups headed by ex-President Hamid Karzai also landing in Moscow for attending the moot. The moot could be considered continuation of the first ever held at Moscow in previous January. Almost those who attended the moot in Moscow have shown their satisfaction and termed it very fruitful towards the negotiated resolution of long standing conflict in the country as well as declaration of country-wide reconciliation. No one can neglect importance’s of talks and consultation in settling of issues throughout the world. Since a long all sort of issues and conflicts always settled through talks. Even in Afghanistan such talks and consultation got legal status and called Jirga’s. Since the days of great Ahmad Shah Abdali, pioneer of the present Afghanistan, the traditional Loya Jirga’s always helped the countrymen of pulling the country out of crises. In recent past, since 9/11 tragedy Loya Jirga sessions had not only enabled the Afghans to go for re-unioning after a prolong conflict but also gifted the war-stricken countrymen a centralized authority and constitution. On such grounds, the leaders and politically aware individuals scattered in groups and factions are always advocating in favour of intra-Afghan dialogue in any independent country. Though former USSR was a major party to conflicts in Afghanistan but the Russian Federation has established its credibility as a neutral and non-aligned country throughout the world. Politico-strategic experts from all over the world are always praising the Russian Federation for its realistic foreign policy. On such grounds a large number of Afghan leaders in Kabul and abroad as well have time and again suggested Moscow to help in arranging of intra-Afghan dialogues. At this particular stage, President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and his aides needs to remain patient and careful. Instead of making complaints, the unity government needs to welcome the second Moscow moot as it could be helpful in resolving of the issue. The US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has already shown satisfaction over the intra-Afghan dialogue process commenced at Moscow in previous January. The US has declared current calendar year as “resolution to Afghan conflict.” Though this decision of US needs to be appreciated but the US must keep in mind 90 like situation whereas its pullout from the region lead to worst kind of situation in Afghanistan. Now it is the time for US to keep in mind the wishes of countrymen who have a plan for a durable and sustainable peace in war ravaged country.

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