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Editorial: Security gates or new blockade?

After a few of the road blockades that were installed to protect the offices and residential areas of the senior and junior government officials were lifted following a decree issued by the president, people were expressing happiness as they felt a little freedom for walking and driving in their own streets.

Almost every government official has blocked the public roads and streets around his house with several heavily armed men guarding behind the blockades in the streets that has created a big problem for the neighboring people. Their family members particularly ladies are in trouble when getting out of the house and their relatives and friends have to explain to the guards of the official when they are going to visit them.

Recently, we were seeing that the high and hulk blockades were lifted from the streets, but a new method emerged instead, not on the streets, but on the main and busy roads around the city.

The roads are blocked with iron gate-shaped things with lower altitude that let only the small vehicles pass, while trucks, buses and even mini buses cannot pass these new so-called “security gates” that have been newly installed by the Kabul municipality in accordance with the security institutions especially the ministry of interior.

Although, this is not clear if the new blockades could help security in the city, but its disturbance appeared on the first days. A market place came under a huge fire on Tuesday and several of shops were burned. But the firefighters arrived at the scene after a long delay because as they said, the short roads they wanted to drive were blocked by the ‘security gates’ and their high and large trucks could not pass. So, they had to choose the longer ways to arrive in the fire scene. This delay helped the fire swallow many shops and damage the shopkeepers economically.

The government and particularly those who make decisions for the security or other welfare of the people, should observe everything that a measure they think is helpful for people does not hurt them in another way.

In addition to this, some drivers cannot see how high the gates are and they hit them especially during the night which is hurtful for the government and dangerous and injurious for the driver and the passersby walking on the sidewalks.

Considering these events, people do not know if the new gates are for their security or the new type of blockade that wastes their time and disturbs them in other ways?

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