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Editorial: Security still tops voters mind

The Afghan masses will come out today (Saturday) to elect a new President amid violent attacks by Taliban group. Afghanistan is eventually heading towards its fourth presidential polls after months of false start and doubts due to peace process started in September of 2018 and collapsed in the same month of 2019. The ordinary Afghans, and some political politicians supported peace prior to election even called for its suspension until peace deal to be inked with Taliban. However, US-Taliban long months’ talks collapsed after president Donald Trump in a tweet declared it dead. The Taliban were not agreed for a ceasefire, instead accelerate attacks across the country, and in Kabul, the capital city. In one of those deadly attacks, 12 innocent people including two foreigners, and an American solider among them, were killed and many others wounded. The attack occurred in downtown of Kabul that caused revocation of peace talks. Since that Taliban are scrambling and showing willingness in one in other way for resumption of peace talks. Negotiating members also visited Russia, China, and Iran for their efforts to a political settlement. Anyways, the frustration comes when the Taliban group threaten presidential elections, warning the residents against of voting. There is a big concern. In the wake of threats, the Afghan voters have to decide from among 15 candidates, including president Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah – the leaders who are leading the country at a time when there are more civilian casualties, and today’s election could be deadlier as well. But a massive security operation is under way nationwide for the security of presidential elections. About 100,000 security personnel are to guard polling stations. The fear of reprisals means many voters – particularly in rural areas – will stay at home, while others say the voting system favors the powerful, not the poor. Indeed, fear of Taliban violence has sapped enthusiasm for the vote, with some expecting a record low turnout. Besides that, if there are massively fraudulent elections, and somebody is announced as a winner, this will not be accepted. This is more dangerous. We witnessed this in 2014 presidential election that resolved after US intervention. A number of Afghan influential figures already warned of dire consequences if elections being rigged. They also showed willingness to spare no efforts to prevent post-election conflict which is not in the interest of Afghanistan. The election will be happened today (Saturday) with fear of looming crisis – but it does not come by itself rather to be organized by someone. Let’s never trigger the county toward catastrophe instead should work for peace, stability, and prosperity through modern ways of dialogue and get-together. 

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