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Editorial: Security tension and reshuffling

Security deterioration and the Afghan masses frustration over security brasses for their incompetence in maintaining rule of law to change the current fragile situation of the country have caused new appointment and replacement of police chiefs for 14 provinces with sending 10 officers to the waiting list. The Ministry of Interior have given five months to the newly appointed police heads to 14 provinces to fight corruption, improve coordination with people and overcome insecurity. In case they are failed, the will be removed from their posts, the minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said, adding negligence would not be acceptable and that he wants to close the gap between government and the people. President Ashraf Ghani approved the appointments with leaving no doubt that he was not happy with their performances and President Ghani has all the right to do so because security situation was fading in passing each day. We are at war, this is a crystal fact–thus carelessness and weak performances is not acceptable at all, especially in security agencies. To put a glance all over the country’s provinces, you would no find a place where there is no war. In Ghor province, the Taliban insurgents have overran an area in the Shahrak district of the province. In Parwan, gunmen shot and injured a TV journalist while he was in his way home from mosque. Another annoying report has just emerged that several security personnel, including police chief of the Shamalzo district, have been killed in the Taliban group attacks in southern Zabul province. In Farah, over 40 security forces have been killed as a result of attack on their posts. And now the brave Afghan security forces have launched an operation to regain control of the Tala Wa Barfak district of northern Baghlan province and to rescue some 100 missing security forces. However since operation, over 31 missing people, including the district administrative and police chiefs, were found with aid of Afghan air forces. But still dozens other are missing. This is just a fleeting look at current situation that putting the dire need of security reshuffling to revert the militant’s evil designs. There are several other provinces that security situation is not good. Even the capital city, Kabul was not in peace and calm. In the past some weeks, Kabul was deadliest for its citizens who have been killed and wounded in several terrorist attacks with no doubt of indication that Kabul seems to be deteriorating at an alarming pace. But the major change in security bosses have showed the government is not losing the fight, not only against the Taliban insurgents but also the Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorists. Despite so many challenges, one thing is for must that the militants will never win through military means, and it’s in their best interest to accept the unprecedented peace offer posed by the National Unity Government.


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