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Editorial: Seek modus vivendi!

Consider their track record; apprehensions existed since well before the signing of a power-sharing deal between President Ashraf Ghani and Chairman Abdullah Abdullah in May. However, their recent modus operandi concerning key national issues are only realizing and substantiating those worries. It’s only the beginning of their joint government but problems have arisen with regards to the formation of the High Council for National Reconciliation and the cabinet ministers not being introduced to the parliament. In the meantime, the parliament is set to rise for summer recess in the next few days for one and a half months, which means the cabinet formation would be further delayed. This is while both Ghani and Abdullah deny these differences but we see something else in practice. Earlier, there was a discrepancy in the rhetoric of these two leaders concerning the release of the remaining Taliban inmates – which is the main hurdle to the launch of intra-Afghan talks. Although they ended a political crisis over the presidential election through their power-sharing deal, now with these actions, they are essentially deepening their differences, whose direct impact is on the country. A fragile government – in a fight within – translates into a disruption of key national matters of the country. These leaders should at least learn from their past blunders during the National Unity Government (NUG). Politics isn’t all about a thirst for power; it seems they see Afghanistan as a game of Buzkashi – each of them pulling it in different directions. If they truly want to serve Afghanistan, they should have the national interests in mind as a priority and calculate what their actions mean for the whole country. Therefore, they should seek a modus vivendi and resolve their internal problems. Only then they would be able to properly govern and advance the interests of the country. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be capable of doing anything other than being a hurdle to each other’s plans.

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