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Editorial: Selling a sibling to feed others

It is the most difficult time for parents to look down in shame as they explain why they sold daughter—however, an act of most degradation but for the sake of the rest of family members. They forced to give their daughter to feed the rest. Heart-wrenching news surfaced from western Herat province as parents were forced to sale their child daughters to save their family from starvation. This is the toughest decision for them. Unfortunately, till now 72 cases of girls selling by their parents in Herat and other adjacent provinces under the pretext of marriage has been recorded. The sold girls are under the age of 12-year old and have been sold for less than 800 US dollars. Such decision comes when parents went through most difficult period of their live that left with no other options but to do something unpleasant. Even animals don’t sell their children, because they love them, leaving human beings. Since humans have mind, emotions, and strong feelings, they can’t wait to watch their children dying of hunger and after even failing to find leftover to feed themselves—the most toughest decision made by them. How can someone sell his own child? It’s like selling your eyes or selling your heart! Anyways the government must help them. Some 16,000 families have been displaced from the provinces of Badghis, Ghor and Fariab to Herat city since the past six months due to drought and famine in their home villages. They are living under tents in different parts of the city, and have no jobs to smoothly pass days and nights. Though some Internal Displaced People received essential assistance, but that is not enough at all. Responsibility directly goes to the government and international agencies to come up to the fore and immediately help them as it’s hard for them to continue selling their children. Definitely! The government is responsible to help the poor by protecting them from violence, theft, fraud, breach of contract, and most importantly help those parents sold their daughters by reintegrating them back. Not only government but it’s your responsibility, our responsibility, society’s responsibility, and Afghan traders to help these people who are in dire need. Afghanistan is home to millions of poor people who have limited mean in life. Some even struggle to get the basic life: food, water, clothing and shelter. It’s moral obligation of all Afghans to help them in such tense situation.

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