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Editorial: Senseless terror

The Afghan media has rapidly grown with vast achievements after the collapse of the Taliban regime. In the past 17 years, free media was only starting place for the previous and incumbent governments to proud of, and also the leaders put weight behind free media. At the outset there was a time of great hope because from 2001 to 2004, there was no fighting in the cities, streets, and the foreign forces were patrolling freely in the cities, even greetings with smiling faces with the Afghan pedestrians. With passage of each day the scenario has been changed—besides going toward better life, gradually turned to the worse. The Taliban and other terrorist outfits regrouped and remerged more powerful as before they were. Since that they are spreading like virus. But the more security threat increased, the more media continued covering the events. There were no slowdowns in their tireless efforts to aware the masses of current state affairs. Anxiety will never dominate Afghan media in every circumstance–they have done great job with educating people of what exactly going on in the county. The masses also appreciated the great achievement of media. Nevertheless, it has been very hard for media to cover affairs with such a high security bullying that already ended up in losing our members. Being as media family, we lost talented and great members that will remain as dark stamp in our hearts forever. In the past year, we lost 20 members which are unbearable. Were not finished with their remembrance that on Monday the twin suicide bombings have martyred our nine other members with injuring eight. The Islamic State (IS) which is also known as Daesh terrorist claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings in Kabul, in which over 25 people, including journalists who were there to cover the first terrorist attack, have been martyred and over 45 others wounded. We have lost young soul, very dedicated to their works. This attack is absolutely ugly. Direct attack against civilians and then a trap for journalists is nothing but viciousness that can’t be justified by any law in the world. One thing that Daesh militants, and other terrorist group who are making efforts to suffocate the crystal voices of the media group, must bear in mind that this voice will never blackout. We are more committed than before in unmasking the real faces of the evil forces like Daesh. Don’t mess with us (media family), the tone of media is much stronger than your (Daesh’s) weapon and senseless terror. The most powerful weapon on the earth is media, but furthermore is a human soul on fire, if once the brave Afghan masses upped against you (Daesh) you would be tearing down in several parts.


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