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Editorial: Senseless violence

The recent announcement or new season of war in Afghanistan has been making no sense because the war has never been in halt to switch into new epoch. Recently the Taliban insurgents announced their annual spring offensive at a time when insurgents are already regularly launching attacks; this is hollow, nothing to speak out about. Surely, it’s only about the name, and this time Al-Khandaq is new-fangled brand name for the Taliban insurgents to continue killing innocent Afghan masses. They also vowed to launch new and intricate tactics aimed at crushing, killing and capturing US forces, putting Afghan government and security forces in secondary priority. This shows nothing but a clear affirming of the Taliban’s responsibility for the insecurity which brings devastation to the lives of thousands of Afghans that has been taking toll each year. In spite of hope over President Ghani’s recent unprecedented and historic invitation to the Taliban to join the peace process, the war announcement left no justification at al. Expectation was not what came from the Taliban—there is no need for a new fighting season. Still the Taliban insurgents announced another campaign of senseless violence, in which civilians at most will be the victim. The ordinary Afghan masses suffered more than any other group or forces in the ongoing violence in the country with no end sees in sight. Barely, the new peace offer to the Taliban was only hope that dashed to the ground. The extremist group yet to positively response to the peace quest of the National Unity Government. But it would be a shame to forget the holy sacrifices of the Afghan security forces in the fight against evil forces. The brave Afghan National Security and Defense Forces have internal and external backing against the Talban and terrorist groups that seek to destroy our society. Afghan forces already prove bitter taste to the insurgent outfits. A free advice for the insurgents would be to get fully advantages of the current yielding and peace offer policy of the government before it gets late. There would be no time to be regretted. The NUG message is clear that the Taliban insurgents should turn their bullets and bombs into ballots. They should run for office. They should vote. Moreover, the US administration is encouraging the Taliban leaders to return to Afghanistan from their foreign safe havens and work constructively for Afghanistan’s future. More violence will not bring peace and security to Afghanistan. During their (Taliban) first spring offensive, it overran a district in northeastern Badakhshan province and its second district in the north to fall under Taliban control in the past week. Indeed this will not last long as our brave Afghan security forces fully ready to recapture the district. However, the point is that why new offensive launched despite peace offer? This is a big question, if the Taliban are not nodding for peace, than it’s childish to pin hope over peace talks to be succeeded, thus use of military at highest level will be last option to be applied with killing all fighters loyal to different insurgent groups, including the Taliban extremist.


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