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Editorial: Set aside differences for sake of peace

Rivalry between the two Afghan leaders, who worked under umbrella of National Unity Government (NUG) for over five years, have so far been unsuccessful to break the current political gridlock – rather tug of war over power has intensified, plugging the country into another area of chaos. Ghani, the president, and Abdullah, the Chief Executive was partner during NUG, and had came across of several ups and downs. After complex 28th September Afghan election that its result announced after five months and strongly rejected by Abdullah – have further ignite the fire of rivalry between these two ex-partners that reached peak and challenged their own government with each taking oath as presidents in separate ceremonies in their palaces just next door. The formation of two parallel governments has not only printed a shameful picture of our country to the world but also created a skeptical gap between the government and citizens. Afghans are no longer able to trusting their leaders. Both are not willing to give up for the sake of Afghanistan as recently US-Taliban peace agreement – hammered out after 18 months of marathon negotiations – offered an olive branch to the people and government of Afghanistan towards an end to the endless war. With this historic opportunity, the Afghan leaders must get rid of their differences and reach a political consensus for the sake of peace. Moreover, a pandemic coronavirus is another great threat, in which worldwide death toll have surged past 5,000 since Saturday with the total number of cases rising to more than 140,000, as the infection continues to prompt countries to take unprecedented measures to help stave off a global health crisis. 11 cases have so far reported across Afghanistan. US administration declared a national emergency over the pandemic, opening the door to providing what he said was about $50bn in federal aid to fight the disease. The coronavirus outbreak has swept the globe and been declared a pandemic. It is the prime responsibility of the Afghan leaders to come up to the fore with a clear strategy to deal with the virus, and its possible once they resolve their internal rifts.

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