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Editorial: Shield civilians from violence

During the past several decades the main victims of war have been civilians. War has been taking high toll on them whether in Iraq, Syria, or our motherland Afghanistan. It’s a crystal reality that war spares no one neither combatants nor civilians, neither men nor women, neither children nor adults. Unfortunately, today’s war besides being fought on battlefield away from populated areas, has also set off in public spaces, in the streets and in the markets, even in the holy places likes mosques and shrines. Even schools, hospitals and hotels are not safe. Every year, hundreds of Afghans are being killed or wounded in a war that has been imposed on us. The ongoing war in Afghanistan has multiple dimensions. The evil role of some neighboring countries cannot be ignored. Some of them don’t assimilate the current path of progress in Afghanistan and will do anything under their capacity to destroy. The recent wake of violence with complex attacks from Taliban insurgents proved the malevolence hands of some countries in their support. A number of lawmakers in their recent session of parliament have widely said that Iran is becoming second Pakistan, referring to Pakistan’s enmity with Afghanistan, terming Tehran’s military support to the Taliban was a matter of concern. Sadly, regional consensus is in the brink or already collapsed. The consequence in short-and long-term is very dangerous. Russian also called on US to negotiate with Taliban or to be engaged in endless war. Pakistan from very beginning had no harmony and has never helped Afghan government in the fight against militant outfits rather supported these malevolence groups that today Afghanistan fighting over 20 extremist groups. But this is important for Iran, Pakistan, Russia and other countries supporting Taliban insurgents, to understand that war brings nothing and seeing its interest in supporting violence clusters in Afghanistan will be a great catastrophe that one day will reach them as well. The object of terrorist is spreading of terrorism. Nevertheless, the civilian is the worst victim. We must continue to fight to reduce the atrocities of war and the preserve human dignity in its midst. Many of us maimed by mines and other indiscriminate munitions—even more die of the direct and indirect effects of armed conflict. The Taliban insurgents that enjoys highly support from several countries, at least they should think once before to target civilians. In the first quarter of the current year, 2,258 people have been killed and injured. Afghan security forces and fighters loyal to the several militant groups have to recognize the moral duty and importance of protecting civilians during their engagement.

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