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Editorial: Showing tolerance

Terrorism has spread like a wildfire in the world after the September 11 attacks in the United States, and retaliation of the American authorities. The war on terror is a failed mission since its beginning in 2001 because it has not been defined. It is the only war where the enemies and scope of the operations had not been defined to achieve the outlined goals. Different countries see different actors as terrorists. The developed world show strong reaction to a terror attack of, even of minor scale, in Europe and the US, but shut eyes when there is a large-scale attack in the developing countries. Afghanistan is a good example. Terrorism has become a raging beast in the country due to regular foreign interference and cold-shoulder response of the US and NATO member states.

Afghans have suffered heavy casualties in the foreign imposed war, with no end in sight. They are consoled through statements and donations, which can barely escape corrupt officials and meet needs of the locals. Nations with great self-esteem and amazing capabilities never want to be dependent on aid because it paralyzes the donees. Afghans are among the list of such nations. They want to build foundation of their future on their blood and sweat. Dependence on foreigners is their only regret. However, the situation for them is becoming difficult due to misdeeds of a few troublemakers who are still known as Afghans though they have different nationalities.

After the recent terror incidents in Europe and Florida, the United States, the local communities are looking at every Muslim, especially Afghans with suspicion. Communities that were once famous and known for their tolerance are increasingly becoming intolerant. The communities that witnessed the tragic incidents should know that Afghans have suffered a lot in the lost war on terrorism, fighting not only for their survival but for the global peace. Afghanistan is the only country with success story against Daesh, known as the Islamic State in the West. Victory does not come free of cost. Afghans have rendered matchless sacrifices to defeat and bury the terror group in the ‘graveyard of empires’. Due to strategic failures of the West, Afghanistan has become the graveyard of terrorists. The terror groups, once created and sponsored by the capitalist states, have become a liability now. Now Afghans are dealing with this liability of the West and the US in the new great game.

Therefore, the European nations and Americans should show respect and tolerance towards Afghans. They should acknowledge the services of Afghans in the war against terrorism. Societies that are intolerant are considered extremist. Extremism is the major cause of terrorism and hatred which creates division on ethnic and religious lines. Although, it has nothing to do with religion but it is a mindset.

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