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Editorial: Smart move

Surely, land grabbing is a lucrative, but black business. In the past 16 years, land grabbing has become a permanent feature of Afghanistan’s landscape, at same stage driver of conflict. The practice of this evil act by the powerful wings has already reached its peak. After the collapse of Taliban regime, land value has been increased and widely attracted the attention of land mafia. Now these mafias are making good income. Grabbing land and selling it illegal is a very much money-spinning business. None can deny the fact that corruption and weak regulation have allowed land mafia to seize a million hectares of land. This evil practice is still on card. We are in a country where 80 percent of our population relies on agriculture. However, a large number of people complaints of land usurpation. It is very much crucial for the government to cleave to a comprehensive land survey and reform of laws to prevent seizures, as well as a crackdown on corruption. Those people who are engaged in this illegal business might enjoy immense support from the powerful individuals, because common people wouldn’t even dare to do such thing. Moreover, it needs political backing too. Ordinaries would catch and put in jail in first attempt. So there is no way for them, but they are the worst victim of land grabbing. Even, the governmental lands have been seized, and still the government struggling to retake it. Its crystal fact that the government can’t retake the captured lands with smiling face, rather strict action is need of the hour. Usurper should send behind bars in order to be a lesson for others to give up from this illegal doing. This is absolutely an intrusive that gaining root in our life, but it is the responsibility of the government to spare no efforts to end the established practice of land grabbing from the country forever. However, government is making efforts as in the first six months of the current year, thousands of acres of land more than 300 million Afghanis and 14 million dollars have been saved from being grabbed. The Ministry of Justice said it prevented the grab of around 1,540 acres of common land, 1400 square meters of commercial land, 7,602 square meters of agriculture land, 18 shop, six plots and three apartments. It is enormously smart move. Truly appreciable, giving joys and hope to the ordinary people that their lands would not be grabbed in the future. Related organs have to take immediate measures to wrest back the land usurped by strongmen and warlords, and put a standstill to the more than one decade practice of land grabbing everlastingly.

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