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Editorial: Some Qualm

Appalling news once again smacked Afghanistan, this time not about any big explosion or targeted killings or other terrible act of violence. It’s about the whole country where 50 percent of the country lives somewhere highly affected by armed conflict. Afghanistan is one of the deadliest places in the world to be a civilian, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. That’s 17 million people and that unfortunately civilians make up to half of the war casualties. This year was deadly for the citizens. Around 18,200 attacks conducted by the insurgents in just over 10 months. And the Taliban are behind 99 percent of all the violence. Another 6,000 were arrested during this year, in which 3,600 of them were involved in terrorist activities, including target killings. In just three months of grave violence, over 487 civilians have been killed. Kabul is now considered as the most insecure capital city, though it plays a major role in the security and stability of all other parts of the country. The current blasts and targeted killings have generated scenes of fear among the residents who no more feel secure. Sorry to say this that Kabul is like a frontline of war. It feels there are gunmen everywhere in the city and don’t know when you would be the next target. The evil shackle of violence has badly impacted the daily activities of the Afghans, especially rights activities, and media workers. Giving up to the deadly trend of targeted killings, some female journalists have already left their job. In whole, the lives of Afghans are overshadowed by the pervasive senses of fear as bombs and magnetic mines are now becoming a daily case. The new Afghanistan after the collapse of the Taliban regime is now facing an unprecedented attack. Initially there was hope for a better and developed Afghanistan and by passing each year, not only those hopes dashed to the ground, but people are so frustrated at the moment that have led to the capital flights also the brain drains. The unfortunate sight is that these atrocities have come in the midst of a so-called peace process. It was hoped that with the start of the peace talks security situation would get better. These hopes went horribly wrong and the security situation got worse. In such a scenario, the sharp escalation of attacks against media workers, civil society activists and the new educated negation is not a surprise at all.

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