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Editorial: Start with violence

Election campaign in connection with Presidential election schedule to be held on 28 September was commenced withy worst violent acts in Kabul, the capital city. Beside others, former NDS chief Amarullah Saleh who is on penal of President Dr. Ashraf Ghani for the office of First Vice President was injured in attempt on life. The violent acts occurred on the day when international media reported willingness of Taliban leaders for talks with the Afghan government. Though Taliban leadership immediately had withdrawn the announcement, but it was followed by frequent violent acts in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan. In fact, grounds are being prepared for direct talks between the Afghan government and Qatar based Taliban since previous January when first ever intra-Afghan dialogues held in Moscow. However, certain external forces are engaged in attempts to hinder the direct talks between the rival Afghan factions, especially Taliban and Afghan government. No one can deny the fact that unless direct talks between Taliban and Afghan government no one could get resolution to long standing. Though Taliban didn’t recognize but there is a government in Kabul that have executive power. The previous and current governments in Afghanistan had made tremendous contribution in a centralized authority in war-ravaged Afghanistan, rehabilitation of war displaced people, reconstruction of war devastated public and private properties and others. The previous one had played more key role in maintaining security. Anyways, there might be some shortfalls and deficiencies on the part of Afghan government and democratic institutions but the political process initiated by former President Hamid Karzai and continued by President Dr. Ashraf Ghani have achieved a lot both internally and externally. Instead of making it a matter of ego, the Taliban leaders must go with people’s expectations. Taliban leaders must read on the wall, whereas all Afghans irrespective of their religious faiths and beliefs, lingual and communal and ideological rifts unanimously want an end to war and hostilities. All of them have now recognized the real “originators” of wars and hostilities. Now they are capability of bifurcating between friends and enemies. When campaign for elections have been started, it’s utterly depends on Taliban group not to attack polling stations, where civilians could be killed. No one wants a fraudulent election that looms crisis, all Afghan masses want peace with the Taliban group. If Taliban can’t make peace, they should not target polling stations as well.

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