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Editorial: Still there is room for peace

With the US-Taliban peace talks over for now, the Afghan leaders should take a united stance regarding the process to achieve a durable peace. President Donald Trump declared peace talks with the Taliban were dead. With this, indeed the peace process have been collapsed. But it doesn’t mean the efforts to ease violence in Afghanistan should also be halted. In the face of scant hopes for any enduring peace deal, still there is possibility for the Taliban to reintegrate into civil society. It is possible when the group accept intra-Afghan talks and call on leadership of the National Unity Government for a face-to-face talk to end bloodshed. Taliban repeatedly rejected talks with Kabul administration. They were ready to hold talks with foreigners but not with Afghans. The result is now on the table. Other dark side is that violence, already taking dozens of lives daily, will now intensify as the Taliban vowed to continue fighting after peace deal with US revoked. But as usual, the civilians, who already bearing the brunt of war, will once again be on tenterhook. It would be quite distress if the Taliban to take every chance they can get to inflict as much damage as they can in reaction to peace talks cancelation. They even did not halt these unhuman attacks during talks. However, there is no more talking at the moment. But, Afghan government always expressed willingness to welcome peace talks with Taliban. Still the door is open. But it requires intention. On the other hand, to go for negotiations without a commitment for a firm ceasefire, its beyond irresponsible. When Taliban received frustration, they must bear in mind that the people of Afghanistan are poised for peace negotiations, of course with preservation of republic system.Peace is achievable whenthe Taliban members get united in this regard. Even if the Taliban refuses to directly speak with Afghan government as they have, what is the alternative to peace talks and what are the ultimate prospects for any sort of lasting peace deal? It’s imperative that Afghans work together to accelerate and strengthen the intra-Afghan dialogue, and it’s possible when Taliban come in one table with Afghan leaders. There is a great saying that peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Taliban should have come to the fore and meet with Afghan leaders to resume peace talks because we must give peace a chance—it’s a beautiful phenomenon that brings happiness and prosperity.

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