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Editorial: Stop dirty game

Pakistan has continued to host the largest number of refugees during decades. At the same time, voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to their homeland had also been the largest in the world. Based on reports, since 2002, approximately 4.1 million registered Afghans returned from Pakistan. Pakistan is third in line behind Jordan (over 2.7 million refugees) and Turkey (over 2.5 million refugees). Recently, Afghanistan has asked Pakistan to extend the stay of refugees—last period of the Proof of Registration expired on 31th December last year and the Islamabad granted just a one-month extension. Afghanistan’s deputy ambassador in Islamabad has said that Pakistan’s decision to send back 1.4 million refugees in one month was “practically impossible” to achieve. “We are trying to persuade the authorities in Pakistan to extend the stay of Afghan refugees till the end of the ongoing year. Still, we have also informed the refugees to be ready for repatriation at any time,” Zardasht Shams was quoted s saying by Arab News. The diplomat also warned that the Afghan refugees could be harassed by police after recently set deadline. Surely, the decision of Pakistan worried Afghan refugees. But the question is here that whenever Pakistan caught red-handed over its support and financial backing to the various terrorist groups in its soil, Islamabad in knee jerk reaction pressurizes the Afghans living there as refugees. It is very clear known to us all that Washington strongly criticized Pakistan for its project of sponsoring extremist groups with little help with US in its war on terror. However, why the Afghan refugees should be heated and headache after deterioration of relations between US and our hostile neighbor—Pakistan that has been for longtime supporting and harboring terrorist outfits. Harassment of Afghan refugees by police is another option and inhuman practice when relations reach at boiling point. This week, Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Omar Zakhilwal, will held meeting with UNHCR mission head there to discuss the issue of refugees including their repatriation process. A bit of harassment by local police has been always a problem. Afghan refugees are going through tough time there, but it is totally injustice when to see Afghans being harassed in their own land. The point is very clear. They are living in their own land among their own people. One day we will reunite with our separate brothers and sisters and our divided land. It would great shame for Pakistan to harass or pressurize Afghan refugees amid at escaping pressurize from international community. Playing with poor community is nothing but a dirty game which leads to nowhere. One day Pakistan will not only regret over its harsh behavior to Afghan refugees, but also divide in several pieces. It is not a wall-type statement as Sindesh, Balochis, Pahstoons want their freedom from Pakistan due to aggravation of the country’s military establishment headed by Punjabis. The day will not be far to see such partition—that day the entire world feel safe and sound as the number one supporter of militant outfits which undermined security of the globe, will be no more exist.

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