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Editorial: Stop Downgrading of Women

Women throughout history have always been underestimated and deprived of their fundamental rights but have never slowed down their efforts where all the time stood steady to fight for their gains and even made achievements at some points better than men. In Afghanistan also, as a patriarchal society, women have been treated differently, not provided with equal rights and freedom to make their decision of life. However they have been always given high respect as a mother, sister and daughter. At the moment, we are initially practicing the democracy in our society; we are still learning and understanding the value of equal rights between men and women. At such a crucial time, when a government organization is making any effort to dwindle the rights of women, is considered very embarrassing that should be strongly condemned. One of the main supportive tolls for the gender equality in a society, to provide women with the same rights, socially, politically, and economically is education through which they can also stand for their rights and raise their voice in case of injustice. In the most recent event, a statement from the ministry of education came with a new restriction on the girl students. The students less than 12 years old are no more allowed to sing anthems. However, it was later denied by the education authority but the ambiguous reveals that it was an attempt to splendor the jut-about achievements in advance to the Taliban return on power as part of the US new proposal for Afghanistan’ reconciliation. The Taliban in their regime back in 1990s placed women at caves and give them less freedom. Even if the government doesn’t intend to impose such a restriction on the girl-students, such acts of it, shows its weakness regarding the governance and management. The statement faced serious reaction by the women rights watchdogs and women activists, and why not? Such acts of the government boost up the flames of gender variety in our society, where democracy and the rights of women are the youngest factors. Schools are the fundamental of educational status, if we deprived our girls from their rights, they would almost-never learn how to fight for their rights, freedom and equality. The Afghan women have recently shown astonishing talents, bravery and eagerness to record a golden title for their country, where still a large number of women are deprived of rights. They have made hard efforts for their rights and their role in society is proved effective as men. We should not let anyone press on women’s achievements toward a counter-clockwise and turn this opening golden time for them into darkness. Afghanistan now has women athletes, politicians, doctors, and professionals, narrow-minded people would not succeed in their evil designs to suffocate their voice.

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