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Editorial: Strategic Points should be protected

The Taliban group has purportedly taken control of a strategic point- Shirkhan Port- in north that connects Afghanistan to the Central Asian countries. The group is making rapid territorial gains since May 4, when the U.S. led allied forces began exit that also emboldened the insurgency in the country. The U.S. departure poses troubles for the Afghan security forces who inflict heavy toll on the combat line against the insurgents but lack necessary reinforcement and aerial support. The control of such strategic point will circulate the government under drastic pressure. To secure its deal with the Taliban, the U.S. left all types of air support on the Afghan security forces who have been trained by the Pentagon inside the United Sates and other allied counties. Earlier, 24 Afghan commandos were killed in direct clashes with the militants because of lack of reinforcement and air-support. The Afghan government is in the meantime scrambling with the fractured political system. The wide distance between the people and government opened a sneaky way for the Taliban to play better on this game of war and peace. The Afghan security forces cannot uphold their moral on the battle fields as the situation in Afghanistan plunged into ambiguity. If the Taliban hold control on the business-paths and encircle the capital Kabul economically, a similar scenario of 1992- when the government of President Najibullah was surrounded from various direction- and the so called Mujahideen groups captured several swaths- take control of business ports- and encircled Kabul with military, political and economical pressure- will not be too late to occur. Despite spending billions of dollars on the security system- due to corruption and lack of proper plans- the government has not formed a well-equipped and strong military. However, the military officials touts for greater steps to be taken against the insurgents, so far there has been no progress and the Taliban appears strong on the combat lines.  On one hand, as the U.S. and NATO are on track to leave Afghanistan amid crisis, the Taliban are seeking military victory and show no specific intention for peace and on the other hand, the government is also playing as a destructive element to undermine the peace process. President Ashraf Ghani at initial days of his office, turned a complete back on the Afghan leaders and relied on youth and inexperience elites- mostly coming from the west. Unfortunately, the Afghans stuck between two sides who devoid compassion for their future and country’s fate. The Taliban’s military victory will surely face a strong resistance of the people but that will also trigger a civil war. The government needs to draw support from the people in a bid to overcome the ongoing chaos. Although it is late but something is better than nothing.  

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