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Editorial: Strong message

The two time-tested friends, Afghanistan and India have sent a strong message to those actors who are not sincere in fight against terrorism, saying that they are committed together to remove obstacles in fighting terrorism.

A statement following meeting between President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that both leaders discussed regional situation and expressed grave concern at continued use of terrorism and violence in the region for achieving political objectives.

They also stressed that elimination of all forms of terrorism, without any discrimination, is essential, they called upon the concerned to put an end to all sponsorship, support, safe havens and sanctuaries to terrorists, including for those who target Afghanistan and India.

But, however, it seems that our neighbor—Pakistan did not digest the statement, it is better to say the fact, and reacted to latest statements by Afghan leadership.

Nevertheless, without elaborating regarding the exact statement delivered by President AsrhafGhani, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in a statement said: “Pakistan remains committed to peace and stability in Afghanistan. We firmly believe that peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s interest and also necessary for stability and progress of the region.”

It is a crystal fact that joint efforts of Kabul and New Delhi against terrorisms has earned reaction from Pakistan—a state were never been sincere in fight against terrorism.

In several occasions, Afghan leaders said that those countries who constantly supporting terrorism and shows double standard polices toward terrorism must be pushed toward isolation. President Ghani also said that terrorism is not a joke and it must be taken seriously. In an interview with Indian media, Ghani said that the countries which have failed to combat terrorism with sincerity must be pushed into sideline.

It has been for more than a decade that Afghanistan asking Pakistan to stand sincere in fight on war on terror. Kabul has repeatedly demanded the destruction of insurgent hideouts in Pakistan. But this message has usually gone into the deaf ears and Islamabad, instead has escalated insurgent support and providing shelters to them. The killing of Taliban leaders in its soil is the greatest example of Pakistan’s support toward militants.

After assuming office, President Ghani visited Islamabad in a bid to further strengthen the ties and put a full stop to the all blame games. But, Pakistan did not response positively, and moreoveraccelerated it is game of terror where only in a single day three suicide attacks took place in Kabul, dozens of people were killed and wounded. Afghan spy agency found that these attacks were designed in Pakistan.

Opportunity does not knock door twice. After Afghan leaders frustrated from Pakistan’s support to the militant outfits, they forced to find another way. There is no room for Pakistan to blame Kabul.The United States also put its weight behind Indiafor supporting Afghanistan. The Afghan masses praise all out efforts of the Indian government.

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