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Editorial: Summoning ambassador

The United States special envoy’s visit to Islamabad and bilateral talks with high ranking officials and Pakistan Foreign Minister’s meeting with visiting Afghan delegates headed by Pir Syed Hamid Gillani was followed by lodging a protest to Kabul through Ambassador in Islamabad. The protest was lodged on the issue of what Pakistani authorities call, “across the crossing points terrorists attack against security forces” in border areas of North Waziristan. Pakistan alleges that at least three personnel were killed and seven other injured when from 60 to 70 militants attacked the forces in village Lawara, just on Durand Line. Couple of days back, security forces ordered the local tribesmen to vacate the area in connecting with fencing. But reportedly the tribesmen have refused to do so. The area is considered too far flung and media lacking access in the area. On such grounds, no one is aware about the facts. Almost media in Pakistan made reports through Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) communiqué. The ISPR is mouthpiece of armed forces of Pakistan-considered too much powerful and effective. Some unconfirmed reports reveal that clashes occurred in Lawara village just on Durand Line over the issue of fencing and evacuation of local tribesmen. There are reports of civilian casualties but officials and state organs in Pakistan are silent about it. It is not first or last instance of clashes between Pakistan security forces and civilians. From time to time, now clashes throughout the tribal regions in particular and rest of Pakhtoons dominated areas of Pakistan is in progress. The state policies towards Pakhtoons is now earning hate and opposition amongst the youths and the Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is considered outcome of such hostile policies. Instead of realizing own mistakes and blunders, Pakistani authorities are blaming others. Not only almost politicians and political parties but even the ISPR Director General in his latest press conference hinted, “emerging of 1971 like situation.” With such confession, now Pakistan especially its most effective state organs like armed forces needs to realise its own responsibilities at this crucial stage, Afghanistan being as immediate neighbor considering peaceful and stable Pakistan in according to own interests, which is possible with disowning all non-state actors and organs involved in creating violence and turmoil in the already war stricken Afghanistan. Pakistani authorities need to recognize Pakhtoons as its bonafide citizens and let them to live with honour and peace. Afghanistan is in itself ahead with imposed and imported trends of terrorism and extremism and never willing any other country in the region to be in the same boat as war brings nothing but devastation. As a responsible and civilized neighbor Afghanistan and its people wants peace, progress and prosperity eve in Pakistan and for that determined to extend due support. And in response expecting the same, which might be also in interests of people from both the countries.

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