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Editorial: Taliban changed?

Taliban had once ruled Afghanistan and its regime before invasion of America in 2001 to oust them, has been marked the darkest period in the history of Afghanistan that surely has no need for any sorts of explanation. What suffering the Afghan people went through during the Taliban regime is well-known to all. The Afghan women and girls had experienced the worst of their time, beside other acts of belligerence. In 2020 after 20 years of their regime collapse, Taliban signed an agreement with the US and started arguing that they have changed in an attempt to rebrand themselves. However, after the announcement of complete foreign forces withdrawal by September, the Taliban insurgents intensified assaults across Afghanistan, leaving the table of talks to resolve the conflict through dialogues. They are in a daydream of military victory, and they have already started claiming that 80 percent of Afghanistan is in their hands. To prove it, they need to invite some journalists in their areas to look and report from near. Likely they are afraid of answering journalist’s questions or they lie. However, a very distrubing news has been doing rounds for the past two days that Taliban is collecting the list of widows and unmarried women to marry them to their fighters. This shows that Taliban are not even the Taliban of the past as they become more feral and aggressive. Without doubt this time the Taliban appeared stronger on the battlefield. Many districts collapsed and their territorial gains might not be due to their military might. Several reports suggest that many areas were left to the Taliban without a fight. There are some inner circles that are already exposed for their support to the Taliban and the core reason behind Taliban’s lightning-fast offensive with a fragile and temporary success. Taliban tested their military strength by attacking several provinces in the north, but they faced the iron hand of the Afghan security forces with a strong resistance from the Afghan citizens. The stark reality is that the Taliban will never welcome unless they shun violence and let the peace talks succeed. The best way is dialogue, and Afghanistan might have a chance to become a stable country by ending this endless war and the vision of military victory of the Taliban will remain an illusion. Continuation of war will leave a mess for the Afghans and for countries in the region even those states that welcomed the foreign troops withdrawal are now dubbed a failure and irresponsible. 

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