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Editorial: Taliban—a flatten face

The biggest failure of the Taliban insurgents is that they are at direct war with the Afghan masses. The extremist group always had lack of knowledge to fundamentally realize Afghanistan and its people, even to recognize its enemy. They (Taliban insurgents) miserably failed to stop attacking civilians during course of history, especially after their regime collapsed. The noticeable defeated of the Taliban insurgents is giving fresh light on their stupidity with putting the construction and reconstruction of Afghanistan on the vine. The insurgents are active in handful districts, as our security forces always stand ready to strike and attack their hideouts. They (militants) have no place to hide from strong fist of the Afghan security forces. Reversely, the group intensified war, instead to reintegrate into civil society by joining the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process. Indeed it is a costly fighting against intractable, and relentlessly coward asymmetric foe. Even the group doesn’t deter to cut power supply line to Kabul. The Taliban have cut off power lines streaming electricity to Kabul early Monday, where many are deprived of electricity. This is not the first time the Taliban insurgent blow up electricity pylons; they do this often once they face military offensives. Due to the destruction of the pylon transmitting the imported high voltage power from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Kabul, a 300 mw electricity lines has been cut off—80 percent of Kabul’s electricity. However, the technical team has already been dispatched to the area and has successfully repaired the blown pylon in coordination with security forces. But the logic of the Taliban for the cut off is very childish. They (Taliban) claim to be the adherent of the nation, but the insurgents group coming up to the fore with an evil move of cutting off power line, leaving millions of Afghans home at dark. What kind of serves is this, supposed the Taliban insurgents are providing to the very nation claiming as their supporter. This is nothing but another destructive act. Your (Taliban) reason behind cut off is like killing patient instead of disease. You (Taliban) say that have cut the power line on foreigners. So this is your (Taliban) logic to punish five million Afghans living in the capital for (4000 to 5000) foreigners who already run their own power generators. This is a fact that you (Taliban) know this very well. This indicts that you (Taliban) are biggest liar to the Afghan people. That’s why Afghans will never want you’re (Taliban) comeback—and have already stamped you as an evil forces who have no mercy on children and women. In several deadly suicide attacks claimed by you (Taliban), several innocent people have martyred and wounded. It would not be exaggeration to say that you (Taliban) are just like honest dog only serving your masters living in Pakistan– who use you against the Afghan masses. Both the previous leaders of yours (Taliban) were killed in Pakistan—the hostile neighbor. You (Taliban) are nothing but a slave to the Pakistani government—if not, prove it by accepting the unprecedented peace offer of the National Unity Government.

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