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Editorial: Taliban never win

For sure, Taliban insurgents, and other terrorist outfits will never win war in Afghanistan, instead Afghan security forces are killing them (insurgents) in every valley and mountains across the country. President Ashraf Ghani in an address to military forces in Paktia province on Friday said: “You (enemies) should know that Afghanistan’s strategic situation has changed and you (Taliban) cannot win on the battlefield.” He also informed of doubling the number of Afghan Air Force in the near future. Targeting Taliban and other insurgent groups from air and ground is important also significant in war against evil forces. We are with you (President) and we, as the Afghan masses understand the fact that Taliban has been failed utterly. The failure of Taliban’s Mansouri offensive can be taken as a great example of their (insurgents) breakdown. The Taliban insurgents announced its spring offensive for the current year under “Operation Mansouri” at a time when Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the late Taliban’s leader, was killed by the US drone strike in 2016 in Pakistan—a state where not only Taliban but all other insurgent outfits are enjoying save havens there. There is no single doubt that the Afghan security forces responded Taliban’s spring offensive very effectively, thought we have received casualties, but militant outfits received more with losing thousands of their fighters. And surely, this is because Afghan forces are in offensive mode and the brave and patriotic Afghan forces have been moving forward to kill or capture the militants in every part of the country. One think more that makes us more pride toward our foreign policy is that our government doesn’t distinguish between good and bad terrorists. We know that the objective of terrorist is terrorism. Moreover, they (insurgents) don’t have freedom as always danced at tones of its lord—none other than Pakistan. Now, Taliban are in moving toward their safe sanctuaries, and training centers in Pakistan aimed at preparing for the next year. But they already lost capabilities to face our brave Afghan security forces face-to-face. Killing of innocent Afghan masses by carrying out evil act like suicide attacks in public places is not called gains in the war, rather it shows how cruel the militants are that even don’t show mercy to the women and children. One thing militant outfits should bear in mind that war brings nothing but devastation. But if they (militants) don’t shun violence, it doesn’t’ mean that peace will never come. Peace will come with killing them (militants) who are making obstacles ahead of it. Peace is not a distant dream; we soon gain peace and durable stability as we have confidents on strong shoulder of Afghan security forces. Advice to the Taliban and other militant outfits would be to realize the fact that they can’t win war, and it’s better for them to renounce violence before to be killed by brave Afghan security forces.

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