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Editorial: Taliban views on girl’s education

Most of the people, around the world, have grown up being taught the importance of education. Education goes so much beyond what you think when initially going to schools or universities. This is not only to get a job or make parents happy. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools of life. In every religion, especially in Islam, pursing education is obligatory to the man and women. Education is seen as a significant instrument as it will tackle all social problems and issues. That’s why Islam placed a high value on education. However, the Taliban had banned girls from going to schools and women from workplaces. They reacted against Islamic teachings. Education is obligatory for both – boys and girls. Islam has, from its inception, placed a high premium on education, however the Taliban reacted other way. But what has come as today, is a total indication of change into Taliban leadership. In an unprecedented move, the Taliban has agreed to a UN Fund for Children program to provide access to education to more than 100,000 Afghan girls and boys in regions under the group’s control. Though it was not an easy task as the breakthrough follows nearly two years of discussion between the UN agency and Taliban leaders based in Qatar. Around 3.7 million children are out of school, where decades of conflict destroyed educational infrastructure. Sixty percent of out-of-school children are girls, who during Taliban rule were barred from education. No girls will be deprived of education now, even in the Taliban-controlled areas. This is a milestone indeed. This is the best news ever to come from Doha, a place where US-Taliban signed a peace agreement and the Afghan-Taliban negotiators are expecting to reach a political settlement to end the long-year conflict. This is also the best news since the Taliban ousted from power. Worsening the security situation is another factor depriving girls from school. How amazing it would be when peace fully restores around the country and all the agonized-Afghan (male and female) enjoy their live without fear of discrimination and explosion. The way the Taliban agreed for girl’s education in their areas, hopefully they will also agree on a comprehensive Afghanistan, where the rights of women, children and other minorities to be observed. The shift in the Taliban views has given hope for a better tomorrow. Indeed, it was a very meaningful step toward improving the education system, and it will carry more weight when the Afghan government and the Taliban make education compulsory.

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