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Editorial: Taliban’s response to peace call

Just 20 hours after the quadrilateral meeting participated by representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States, Taliban militants carried out a chain of attacks targeting the security forces across the country. On Tuesday, the insurgents killed nearly 100 people both police officers and civilians in the south, east and western provinces, the most casualties in Paktia’s provincial capital, Gardez that the target was a police training center in which, the provincial police chief was among the dead.

Less than 48 hours from that, the militants rushed an army camp in the Maiwand district of the western province of Kandahar. In this attack, at least 43 soldiers were martyred, some ten more wounded, while a number of others went missing. Other attacks in the northern Balkh and western Farah provinces also claimed the lives of army and police on the same day.

Though soldiers and police officers are almost routinely killed and wounded, but recently, the number of the insurgents’ attacks against the security forces have enhanced, as the deputy minister of interior, General Morad Ali Morad termed Paktia’s incident “the largest attack” this year.

The attacks are carried out while the government insistently seeks the ways to result peace and tries to encourage the opposition armed groups to the negotiation table. Pakistan as the main side that has influence over the insurgent group seems not honest in assisting the government of Afghanistan in reaching a sustainable peace and Taliban with this attack, actually indicated that peace does not mean to them and they would continuously kill the people of their country and it does not matter whether it is army and police or the helpless children and women.

Considering these issues which had been repeated in past too, the insurgent group is insisting the way of battle. So, the government is expected to bring changes in its peace policy. This does not mean that the peace program be quit the peace efforts which the desire of the people of Afghanistan should be followed, but the government should give tough response to each violence.

While the peace efforts are going on, this is the government’s responsibility not to stay calm against the bloody attacks that claims the lives of those young men who are defending the same government. The government should respond Taliban’s one attack with several attacks to take revenge of the people’s lives. Otherwise, this will mean that Taliban are getting powerful and the government by any means, inattentive or weak against the militant groups.

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