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Editorial: Tens of civilians were killed and injured in Eid cease fire

More than 20 people all of them civilians were killed while more than that were wounded on the first and second days of Eid festival in different areas. The incidents claimed lives of nine people in Kunduz province in the north and Kandahar in the south. The second day of Eid was also bloody when a bomb placed in a mosque went off in the Shakar Dara district some 20 kilometers north of capital, in which 12 people performing the Friday prayers were killed including the mosque’s mullah. Taliban militants who have intensified attacks on the government forces and civilian employees, unexpectedly ordered their fighters to not attack government forces during the three-day long of cease fire the group’s leader declared for the Eid.The attacks are carried out amid the withdrawal of the US and other NATO-member states after 20 years of presence that is planned to complete the pullout by September 11. Now, the people are confused to know whose hands are behind such violent cases since Taliban claim to be out of the incidents.The government in Kabul remains spectator and is content with condemnation statement and nobody care what tragedies come to the people who have now used to suffer pains of war.The people should be victims of a blind war even on the holy times such Eid, New Year or other important days.The government is the number one responsible to find out the perpetrators of the attacks. It needs to deal the same with the culprits of violence. If it is Taliban, then the government has to launch counter attacks on their heavens. If it is not Taliban, then the government should identify who is carrying the attacks to sabotage the delicate peace process and use violence against them to save the people’s lives and public properties such as the pylons of electricity and to prevent the capital and other areas from getting darkened when the anti-peace elements blast the pylons.The people do not know whom to refer for help to save their loved ones who lose life every day in the unclear war. Now people do not know who is their enemy and who works to save them from the enemy.

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