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Editorial: Tensions could deescalate after Sunday

In the face of short exile, it took almost a year for Vice President (VP) Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, to make a return which is likely on Sunday from Turkey to invalided rape allegations. The VP has been fighting for political survival for months after a northern elder claimed he had been abducted and then tortured and raped by vice president and his guards. A headache for Gen. Dostum that forced him to go abroad to run away from prosecutions. However, he intended to come back early, but his small private plane was refused landing in the north, in which he smelled a rat and told the pilot to land in Turkmenistan. But conflicting reports is here over accuracy of report as government denies it. There was a strong push to surrender Dostum for questioning, but not happened as he left the country. Gen. Dostum is still popular among his northern Uzbek constituency, and his prolong absence has already unleashed violence. In the past almost one year, the younger Dostum, Batur Dostum, playing an important role in bringing his father back home, and it works. He has been taking a more prominent role in the decision-making of his father’s Junbish party. Nevertheless, Dostum’s physical presence feels more than any other time. North is becoming more complicated and insecure as protests still raging in favor of Dostum and against detention of his militia commander, Nizamuddin Qaisari. The demonstration in the north-eastern provinces continued for the 18 days that as badly affected daily lives. All the activities halted. Some key ports have been closed, and traders started complaining on the uncertainty. It has been confirmed that Dostum will return, but Qaisari will remain in chain until pay price of his deed because many complaints lodged against him, and the key one is abandoning security posts to the militants. If he was innocent, surely will get release within days, if not, must conclude his prison term for his wrongdoings. On the other hand, it’s not an easy end over. The demonstrators have closed provincial offices of the Independent Election Commission and other government offices in over five provinces in the north, with persisting in continuation unless their demands are meet. In the face of uncertainty, the return of Gen. Dostum might descend tensions, and give birth to a normality in which northern masses kick-start their smooth lives. With Gen. Dostum’s arrival, the current protest must be ended as it gradually turning into wrong way. Protesting is the legal right of all Afghans, but that in a peacefully manner with coordination with security agencies.

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