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Editorial: Terrible nightmare

Before the American step in, before the Russian war, and before the Marxist revolution, Afghanistan used to be a pretty nice place.  Kabul, the capital city said to be over 3,500 years old, mentioned since at least the time of the Achaemenid Empire. The city is at a strategic location along the trade routes of South and Central Asia, and a key location of the ancient Silk Road. It w as a peaceful, and at the same time very much beautiful city, far from violence, blast, and other terror acts. Afghanistan as a whole was in full peace and security. In that time Kabul residents were living in peace. Economy was also in good trend. There were no holy cows and no witch-hunts. But after civil war, and the ongoing conflict, the landscape of Kabul city has been changed. Residents lost peace. Heart wrenching incident is a matter of day. Security situation is deteriorating all over the country. In due course, Kabul become a city of bloodshed—city of violence where no peace see insight—which real hurts the Afghan masses. Since the removal of the Taliban from power in late 2001, the city gradually began rebuilding itself with assistance showered by international community. It is crystal fact that despite many terrorist attacks by militant outfits, the city is growing and developing. However, the deadly Wednesday truck bombing once again displays scenery of Kabul city looking like civil war. The bombing was too heavy that destroyed several buildings and dig a big hole of more than 4-meter. The Kabul massacre will never be forgotten. Kabul had not seen such atrocities before. Though, several deadliest incidents occurred, but the latest one was on top. It will haunt like a terrible nightmare in the memory of generations to come. At least 92 Kabul residents were killed and hundreds other received injuries in the bombing. It was a bloodbath, in which caused public outrage against the National Unity Government. A large number of residents took out to the streets on Friday to give vent to their anger over NUG failure in maintaining peace and security in the country. However, protest turned deadly, as six of protestors have been killed after security forces fired on air. Despite bullets, protestors did not give up, and continued protesting for the second day. Peaceful demonstration is constitution right of all citizens. On the other hand, the protestors should be very carefully as the enemies would not hesitate an inch to infiltrate—not only to disrupt, but also to change the peaceful protest into deadly. Even the Kabul garrison commander called on the public to stay away from demonstrations as they had information that terrorist organizations were planning attack at such gatherings and demonstrations. Nevertheless, the Kabul, once was peaceful city, is going through uncertainty situation in these days. The government should take immediate action to meet the demand of the protestors, and stop this from enlarging. Every available stone has to be utilized in a bid to regain the beauty of Kabul city, and provide a peaceful atmosphere for Kabul residents to enjoy their living.

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