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Editorial: Terrific Insurrection in Capitol Hill

What took place Thursday in the United States could be barely digestible and believable for many either in America or abroad since the world’s only superpower enjoys the greatest democracy where both people and politicians respect and obey the rule of law. Thousands of people claimed to be supporters to the outgoing president Donald Trump stormed the congress building in an insurrection, trampling all values a democratic nation believes in just to show their anger over the victory of the rival to their favorite person in last year’s presidential election. The most-developed states with high democratic beliefs are institutionalized for several decades the unexpected act could be called as barbaric and shocking. This was not any type of demonstration in protest to rigging ballots or other fraudulent measures. The protesters did not call for the rights of their favorite person to be returned to him, they did not shout a single word to show they were planning a peaceful demonstration. It was just a riot and the rioters wanted to unburden what they had to keep untold in their hearts and minds for so many years, probably for the fear of an invisible and silent dictatorship dominating their environment and keeping suffocating people who try to express their heartedly demands. People around the world felt that the rioters found this just as an opportunity after many years and used it properly to explain they are fed up with and hated this kind of governing system, because the majority of people in the United States are educated and can easily distinguish good things from bad ones and recognize what is in benefit for their country and what is injurious.

Most likely the majority of the angry rioters climbed the walls and filled the corridors and aisles of the Capitol were not Trump supporters and knew not to risk for their lives to help a person remain in power. They did it to indicate they do not want the politicians to suck their blood longer and spend their tax money in foreign wars and increase the number of enemies to their country in the world. They did it to call the US leaders to stop killing of innocent people in the proxy wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other places in the world. Since now, the US rulers should not dare to ridicule demonstrations in the world particularly in the so-called ‘Third World’ countries as barbaric acts as Thursday’s incident in Washington D.C. was the most ridiculous in the most developed country.

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