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Editorial: Terror at Jalalabad

After Helmand, people from Eastern Afghanistan have witnessed a bloody day when suicide bombers attacked a private Engineering firm at Jalalabad causing lives to around 16 and injuries to several others. All five bombers were also killed in the retaliation action. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for Helmand deadly terror act, and the Daesh terrorists claimed responsibility for recent violent act in Jalalabad, which is adjacent to controversial Durand Line. Unlike of southern Afghanistan, different militant groups are sheltering in eastern zone. Beside Taliban, militants associated with different Pakistani groups and Islamic States (IS) also called as Daesh are scattered in different parts of eastern Afghanistan. Status of Daesh militants since their appearance in Afghanistan some four years ago is doubtful and similar is the status of Pakistani militants who through one or the other ways are compelled before their country’s rulers, security forces and spy agencies. Majority of top leaders and commanders of these Pakistani militants, who have been slipped into Afghanistan in the wake of successful military actions at Swat, Khyber and Bajaur during 2009-2013. All such military actions have been carried out due to tremendous political pressure and in return the political parties, especially the nationalist one paid heavy prices for it. One may can differ but after slipping of these militants, Pakistan’s military establishment had materialized the dreams of “fencing and fixing the controversial Durand Line” inherited by previous British colonial rulers. Compare to past now environment for Afghanistan is very different and even unfriendly due to hostile attitude of Pakistan. In connection with pulling of US led allied troops from Afghanistan, negotiation is in progress between US Special Envoy and Taliban Political office at Qatar. But there is nothing mentioned regarding presence of Pakistani and Central Asian militants. It is the time not only for the Unity Government but for the whole Afghans to ask these un-invited guests from Pakistan to go back or take up the issue with Islamabad. Further presence or sheltering of these Pakistani militants might be more and more harmful to the very interests of already war stricken Afghanistan. Through one or the other ways it is impossible for these militants to make unhappy Pakistan’s civil-military establishment or its affiliated spy agencies. 

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