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Editorial: Terror in both sides of Durand Line

On a single day, terrorists attacked on security forces in both sides of Durand Line, causing lives to around three dozens and injuries to scores of others. In Northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan, the militants attacked a security check post, killing at least 25 personnel of security forces defending the motherland. In South Waziristan Pakistan at least three personnel of security forces were killed and five others injured in similar attacks. In Kunduz, official claimed killing of eight miscreants in retaliation. Whatever may be claims on the part of officials and militant groups but all of the deceased were sons of the soil and their fate is not only loss for their kiths and kin’s but could be considered a set back to the whole Pashtoons living on both sides of Durand Line. The two sides of Durand Line are ahead with worst kind violent acts from the last four decades due to geo-strategic tussles amongst the global powers in generals and its controlled spy agencies in particular. The tussles commenced with the holy slogans of Islam, Jihad (holy war) and Inqelab (revolution), doesn’t exists any more but its impacts are still intact on illiterate, politically and religiously unaware, jobless and poverty stricken Afghans in general and Pashtoons in particular. All these Pashtoons are being made sentimental through hallow slogans and portraying unrealistic images by certain so-called religious scholars and thinkers who are on pay roll of the spy agencies, engaged in fuelling of violence and hostilities through one or other slogans in this particular region. No one can deny that the spy masters paying active role in fuelling of violence have not only made crippled the minds of common men but even they have established complete control over the power corridors in Kabul and Islamabad as well. Almost leading politicians from both the countries since a long voicing for peace and tranquility, which is possible through an end to des-trust between the rulers of both the neighboring countries. There is complete unity on the issues of terror, violence, militancy and reconciliation in Afghanistan but Pakistan lacking consensus in its ranks on these topics. There are visible divisions amongst the ranks of politicians, rulers, socio-religious circles on the issue of terror. Well influential circles within Pakistan not only support but even jubilating violent acts across the Durand Line in Afghanistan and considering it in its interests. At same time, these circles attributing deadly terrorist’s attacks in Waziristan to what the call presence of escaped militants in Afghanistan. Afghanistan itself facing worst kind of hardships in handling of the situation erupted with imposed war, hostilities and militancy focused doctrines. Instead of consuming maximum energies in war of words or in blame games, the ruling corridors in Islamabad and Kabul must realize their responsibilities at this crucial stage as no one is in position to win the war.

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