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Editorial: Terrorism – a political weapon

The regional countries have to join hands in countering terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. The threat of religiously motivated terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh and ETIM is undeniable and it could pose major risk if ignored. It won’t be robust all the time to close the eyes and wait for the third party to come forward to quell the threat. For example in Afghanistan, the region states including China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the central Asian countries should have chalk out a comprehensive plan in coordination with the Afghan government to fight terrorist groups. The same must apply in other countries like Syria and Iraq. Terrorists must not find any strongholds, training camps, acquiring financial resources or fine space to operate media outlets to disseminate their propaganda and glorify their vicious design across the world. With deep nuisance, there are some countries supporting terrorist groups and are hiding under a cloak of pity. This is the biggest problem. Counter-terrorism efforts in the absence of real and tangible efforts and covert support by some countries will not succeed the campaign of war on terror. One sided efforts against this menace has taught the world the crucial lesson that without a sincere campaign this peril will not eliminate once for all. It’s deeply unfortunate that some sources find out that the US in Afghanistan is not for state building, fighting terrorist groups, rather to stop the growth of China, especially its Belt and Road Initiative that benefits underdeveloped countries at most. Another objective for US presence in Afghanistan is to use 20 million Uyghur Muslim in Xinjiang against China from internal place rather than external. With this the campaign on war on terror is nothing but a tool for political end. However, the objective that Afghanistan soil will not be used against any other countries still strongly persists. Why the world leaders can’t think of a peaceful world. It’s not impossible, it just needs not to be jealous of others’ development. Let’s help each other or at least observe silence. With multilateral cooperation mechanisms, world leaders can play an important role in promoting peace, and development not only in Afghanistan but to the whole region. In Afghanistan the perspective of China that all sides should put aside self-interests, uphold fairness and justice, and continue more positive energy to the peace and reconciliation process would definitely help a lot. It also suggests that it will be ill-advised to follow double standards in counter-terrorism, as they will backfire at the end of the day. Indeed, all the parties have to join forces and double down on fighting terrorist organizations until they are completely eliminated, otherwise it would be a mistake of history.

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