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Editorial: Terrorism knows no boundaries

Terrorism is a bigger threat to humanity than climate change or any other hazards across the world. It is still uncontrolled and unregulated with development to gain more power to pose security threat to more countries. The swift growing terrorist outfits—must be quelled. Some people argue that terrorism is not a strategic problem. It won’t affect their way of life, and it isn’t a threat to our national security. But recent attacks in most peaceful countries brushed off such narrations rather highlight the need for a joint and comprehensive anti-militants operation to subdue them before to become a victim. High-profile attacks on major cities in Belgium, France, United States, and other countries have set the world on edge. Commentators are talking of a new kind of protracted guerrilla war stretching from the Americas and Europe across Africa, Asia and the Arab world. This one is irregular, hybrid and networked, involving a constellation of terrorist organizations such as Taliban, Islamic State, and al-Qaeda. Rather than hitting specific groups of people or symbolic sites, cities themselves are coming under siege. In Afghanistan and in some other countries, militant groups have been posing great risk to the safety of people. On daily basis Afghans are losing their nearest and dearest one in different act of violence by Taliban, Daesh, and other terrorist groups. When entire world is under immense threat of terrorism, one thing is crystal clear that it has no boundaries with no differentiate as well. Recently, 29 people were killed and 70 others received injures in a terrorist attack on an Iran’s Revolutionary Guard military parade. It’s a totally heart-wrenching incident, and Afghans feel them more than any others as we go through such horror every day. The people of Afghanistan have suffered the brunt of war for decades and now security forces are in the frontline of the fight against terrorism. We believe that terrorism is a regional and international threat and there is need for regional cooperation in tackling it. Terrorism knows no boundaries; it is the enemy of the entire humanity across the world, thus joint efforts is a must to quell it.

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