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Editorial: The Afghan security forces are at frontline of war on terror

With the U.S. is intending to withdraw all its service members from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack – there are pessimistic concerns over the possible collapse of the Afghan government and mainly the Afghan security forces. The fear loomed as top U.S. general expressed concerns over a possible collapse of the Afghan security forces after the U.S. troops withdrawal and if Washington halted continued support to these forces. The pessimistic remarks comes as the NATO forces are also joining the U.S. in leaving Afghanistan, laying on the responsibility for the Afghan war and countering the terrorism started in 2001 when the U.S. entered Afghanistan to eliminate the al-Qaeda hideouts on the Afghan security forces. Even with the presence of U.S. service members, the Afghan security forces in the recent years have conducted almost all of the operations against the militant groups. The American forces engaged in some particular operations jointly with the Afghan Special Forces or provided the Afghan security forces with some airstrikes on the ground. They are well trained and capable of defeating the militants. The main obstacles these forces face is lack of ample financial budget and developed military equipment. Such pessimistic remarks by top U.S. officials will somehow affect the moral of Afghans and these precious forces, which have been fighting not only to secure Afghanistan but prevent a possible terrorist threat to the world as well. However, as long as it comes to the Afghans, they have already seen this scene of the movie in 1992 when the Ex-President Dr. Najibullah’s government was collapsed after the Soviet Union cut aids to his government. The then Afghan government was considered one of the strongest in the region, politically and militarily, with its improved intelligence agency. The Afghans will mainly remain supportive to their security forces. On the other hand, to keep the militants at bay or to prevent another 9/11 type attack, the U.S. need strongly support to the Afghan security forces as Afghanistan caught among some opportunist neighbors who provide safe havens and training camps for the terrorist groups to inflict any possible damage to our country. The best option for the U.S. is to counter the terrorism in the region by supporting the Afghan security forces. The terrorist groups are international threats and if not prevented then their roots will reach to the further side of the world. We must understand that the Afghan security forces are on the frontline of war on terror not only to safeguard Afghanistan but also the world.

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