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Editorial: The age of uncertainty

Around four decades back, when former Afghan President, Dr. Mohammad Najibullah was on power and Soviet Union was backing his government, Afghanistan had been triggered into a civil war – at a time when the Soviet Union had left the country following a kind of similar withdrawal agreement – which is currently under discussion between the United States and the Taliban. Our country has then witnessed the toughest violence that history can read of thus far. Millions of Afghans have been displaced to neighboring countries and thousands of homes had been destroyed due to civil war for power. And now, political convulsion in Afghanistan over the peace process and election has brought fears about repeating past mistakes and once again to trigger the country in the same tragedy. Looking into election dispute and the fragile peace talks, from which the Afghan government has so far been isolated, there is a highly risk of our country’s rendezvous into a possible destructive war. An influential figure in northern Afghanistan – who has been opposing the final results of the presidential election, had warned formation of a parallel government. While the US and Taliban are edging towards forging a peace deal which roll out a gradual troop drawdown and facilitate direct Afghan-talks, our leaders are still silly over election victory and reaching power. If we don’t put an end to the current crisis, we lose the once upon a life opportunity that can end the longest conflict in Afghanistan. Moreover, if we don’t get monolithic at the moment, we are not only going to miss the peace opportunity but the situation will be worse than now. The Taliban might have reached a withdrawal agreement with the United States. So there would be several threatened dimensions to be worried about then, a civil war and the declaration of Taliban regime once again in Afghanistan. Also, it is not so off the truth that our Jihadi leaders and warlords – who had an open hand during past civil war in the country – will once again be the reason to ignite the war. Time has ripped for the Afghan leaders to put aside their egos and desiring for peace, instead work for unity and harmony, and design a comprehensive delegation to carry talks with the Taliban in the best manner in a bid to restore peace and stability in the war-hit country.

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