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Editorial: The assassination of government media official

The words of terror and terrorist is not new and strange for the suffering people of Afghanistan who have lived, witnessed and experienced war, bloodshed and several types of violence in the past plus forty years. They saw their beloved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors being victimized in terrorist activities.

The intensifying violence since early May in almost every part of the country completely disappointed the people who had a delicate hope to cease fire and peace through a negotiation that was going on between Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. Capturing tens of districts in different provinces, Taliban are blamed for misbehaving with the people including indiscriminate killing of villagers, imposing restrictions on women and destroying and setting government offices and marketplaces on fire.

The insurgent group has now begun a new approach of terror and that is attacking government officials. Attacking the house of acting defense minister this week and killing of President Ghani’s spokesman, Dawa Khan Minapal on Friday were both claimed by Taliban who said it was the beginning of a new phase of direct attacks on government officials.

Losing of government officials, especially military pilots who are also victims of terrorist attacks is a great loss and it is very hard to find for their replacements as they are educated and professional cadres who have beneficial experiences in their jobs.

This is the new phase of terrorist activities that are surely carried out by orders from abroad particularly from Pakistan who has been always against an Afghanistan with educated and intellectual people to serve their country.

The government is undoubtedly has many businesses in the battlefield against Taliban, but despite such businesses, it has to provide security in the big cities. The National Directorate of Security has to accelerate intelligence activities to nullify plots of terrorist attacks before being carried out. Security forces especially police force needs aware and vigilant to counter terrorist attempts. Otherwise, we will see more lose of our brothers and sisters in a cowardly proxy war.

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