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Editorial: The blind government

The National Unity Government (NUG) has boasted much about the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG). However, the coordination group has not moved an inch forward in the direction of restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan. Representatives of Afghanistan, China, the United States and Pakistan showed optimism. The representatives, especially Afghan and Pakistani had tried to console the depressed hearts of Afghans through their statements. But, the situation on ground is totally different than what is sketched by the QCG or the NUG. The nation has become tired of carrying coffins of the terrorist attacks victims and digging graves. The leaders cannot feel the pain of those who are rendering sacrifices because many have families in foreign countries and they themselves live in fortified complexes.

Saturday brought the dawn of horror and bloodshed. At least 23 people lost their lives and 48 others were injured in two suicide blasts in the country.  Eleven civilians were killed and 40 others injured in the early morning terror attack in Kunar. The suicide bomber targeted a market near the governor’s office, an overcrowded area, in Asadabad. Children, young men and aged people were lying in poll of blood. However, the cries failed to wake up the blind authorities from their slumber. The result was another blast in Kabul. A suicide bomber targeted entrance gate of Ministry of Defense around 3:30 pm in the capital city. Twelve people were killed and eight wounded.

Unfortunately, the NUG is prompt in issuing condemning statement which is not its job but its duty is to protect people and defend the country. The public has not given mandate to the government for issuing statements but for eliminating insurgents and restoring peace. Sadly, the government’s version of peace is entirely different from that of the victims’ families. The NUG sees talks and bargaining as solution to the conflict while people want military action. For public there is difference between militancy and terrorism. What we saw today is terrorism not militancy. Beheading soldiers and passengers is not insurgency. Hence, terrorism is not ended with talks but with military power.

The government would not find a formula for peace with the insurgents unless it expands the range and scope of military operations. There is no denying that the Afghan security forces are facing the toughest challenges, but it is the government which made the security environment much worse. The defense ministry is headed by a caretaker though it has been more than a year after formation of the NUG. Security forces are fighting bravely and tenaciously to defend the country against the foreign-backed local anti-state elements. It is failure of our leaders that people cannot live safely and joyfully. Many voters speak about their desperate sense of waste now. They are regretting for casting vote in the 2014 presidential election.

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