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Editorial: The dilemma of tax evasion

When they knew it why they didn’t try to fix it? Isn’t just an excuse? When objectives, and the aim of change and reform matter to a person, they will make no lies and no excuses. Those who build the house of failures with the nail of excuses, they must know that their excuses could affect the life of the nation in a very bad way. The day one becomes a public representative, they should try to avoid excuses and work honestly for change and development. There is a lack of effective income tax collection from small and medium sized business. And the officials of Finance Ministry (MoF) say the legal issues in the national tax collection system have created hurdles to the effective income tax collection. The problem is why there has been no voice and demand for fixation of the problem? Who is creating the hurdle and not letting the door of reforms to be opened? Gul Maqsood Sabit, the head of the MoF’s treasury department, says that a number of heavyweight taxpayers are involved in legal disputes with the ministry? Is the ministry so much weaker that it has been taken hostage by a few heavyweight taxpayers? Yet at the same time what is worth appreciation is a commission has been formed from the Finance Ministry, Justice Ministry, and the AGO to tackle the issue. As many as 500 large businesses are registered with the government. Taxpaying is binding upon them, but it is shocking that10 percent of the companies are evading taxes. From tax evasion and avoidance to rising jobless rate, from terrorism to corruption, from poverty to illiteracy, from honor killing to women’s selling in settling disputes, there is a long list that makes our heads down out of shame. Therefore, Afghanistan needs a political campaign against all these problems. It needs a crusade to reform and renew the country, its institutions and political system.  But who will do it as the country looks polarized. The nation has been divided and runs after persons instead of ideas and ideologies. The problem is the upper class, the ruling elite. This class keeps all of the money and pays no taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes. At the same time, this class does all of the works. When there is time of crisis, the upper class runs away from the country and when it finds an opportunity to rule, it rushes in from abroad.  To see a substantial change and economic development, this trend must end. Besides that until there is revision of our economic thinking and giving full value to our natural resources, stopping their plunder and loot, we as a nation will ever remain dependent on foreign aid and donations. And if the international community ceases providing aid, then? Think well before that horrible time comes. On top of that the government must try to reduce the rich-poor standoff and also initiate a stern war on corruption because corruption is eating up the foundation of the country. A massive level corruption has been affecting the health of our national economy whereas the treatment is too slower.

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