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Editorial: The end of war

Before embarking on a five days trip to China, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Afghanistan’s conflict has brought great suffering for both Pakistan and Afghanistan for last 40 years. Now, after a long wait, the Afghanistan Peace Process presents a historic opportunity for peace in the region and Pakistan is fully supporting the process including the next logical step of intra Afghan Dialogue wherein Afghans will themselves decide upon the future of their country, In this backdrop, Pakistan is highly dismayed by the surge of violence in Afghanistan from all sides. The so-called offensives are condemnable and will undermine the peace process. It is not right to seek an edge in dialogue through coercion. Pakistan implores all parties to recognize the importance of the moment and seize it. Pakistan will not be party to any internal conflict in Afghanistan anymore. Whatever might be its outcomes but after a long period, Premier Imran at some stage has realized importance’s of peace in neighboring Afghanistan, whereas its people are holding not than Pakistan and its spy masters responsible for all of their miseries, especially genocide of millions of innocent people. No one can neglect, importance’s of peace and coherence in the region which is possible with recognizing sovereign status of Afghanistan. But unfortunately since pulling of former USSR troops out of Afghanistan in late 80’s, certain state circles especially spy agencies are reluctant to recognize sovereign and independent status of Afghanistan. Even just to compel the war stricken Afghans to before its illegitimate ends, Pakistan time and again went on aggression against Afghanistan both politically and militarily. No one can deny the fact that Pakistan also suffered due to its rulers wrong policies. Pakistan at very crucial time extended unprecedented support to the Afghan people. Still millions of people are living there. But unfortunately later on certain state actors embarked on a new move, even the old inherited by the previous British colonial rulers. Afghans are determined to make safe and secure sovereignty of the motherland at every cost, therefore, Pakistan must re-visits its policies and must recognize sovereign and independent status of Afghanistan, which might be in interests of both the countries, sharing over 2500 kilometers long crossing points with each other. By entering into trust-worthy relations with each other, both the countries could easily help each other in resolving of maximum economic, security, social and political problems. The two countries could enter into European Union like treaties with each other’s. But it is possible with an end to every sort of interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan and extinguishing of violence flames across Afghanistan.

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