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Editorial: The floods tragedy

Afghanistan is covered with big mountains green hails that reflects an astonishing and beautiful view. The high summit of some of its mountains is shiningly reflecting their glory view embellished with snow and ice. The green and gorgeous valley steals the look of one’s eyes. But despite all the beauties it has, the existence of these mountains, hails, valley and shallows, with the sudden and high rate of rainfalls- that lead to fatal floods- resulting in human loss and financial damages-causes drastic challenges for the people and inflict heavy damages to them. On Monday night, six people including four children died after flash floods hit several parts of northern province of Takhar. In the same week, at least 66 people lost their lives in the fatal floods flowed in several provinces. These floods not only claimed the lives of tens of people but also destroyed hundreds of houses and farms. The majority of people affected by floods are the lower class populations-living a poor and simple life- who mainly rely on the agriculture and earn their daily incomes through farming and gardening. Although, the media reported several incidents of the flash floods, there was no serious reaction by the government or any humanitarian organization to help the flood affected people. Their house, corps and livestock have been destroyed. Almost all of them are not living a good economical condition to be able to reconstruct their houses and make a new source for their normal lives’ income. The natural disasters are also considered heartbreaking tragedy, but as violence has been continuing in an unabated level, such tragedies don’t draw the attention of government, humanitarian organizations and even the nation. Many of families suffered from these floods don’t have any shelter for living and are struggling to make their ends meet. First, those who are affected by floods should be provided with humanitarian aids including foods and tents. Secondly, launch engineering projects to build walls alongside the Rivers and River Banks. The water should be diverted to open lands and shallows. The government should launch awareness campaign to inform the people how to defend themselves from suffering fatalities in the floods. The people should be advised to not build houses in the areas where the possibility of flood flowing is high. What we, as a nation, need to do is to offer our sympathy with those who affected by natural disasters. Suffering casualties in any incident or accident deserve to be sympathy.

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