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Editorial: The perils of corruption

There is a need of a strong and independent institution, free from political influence, with genuine capacity to prevent and prosecute corruption. To do so, the National Unity Government after years of discussion, inaugurated a center to fight corruption in the country. At the ceremony of inauguration of the Anti-Corruption Justice Center President Ashraf Ghani said that the establishment of this center shows the strong political will of the government to combat this menace. But we can’t fight corruption by establishing center only. The core reason behind this center was to assure people of strong fight against corruption. But, the President himself admits corruption at the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why to complain when the country has center to combat corruption. Instead of admitting, the president should take action. Moreover, he brought the ability of anti-corruption center under question. When this center can’t fight corruption—so it’s of no consequence. Afghanistan faces numerous daunting governance challenges which need to be addressed if long-term stability is to be achieved. It is a fact that there would be no stability sans fighting corruption at highest level, and prosecutes culprits from high-ranking officials to the commoners. If the government wants to have the people’s support, immediate steps can and must be taken to curb the devastation caused by corruption. Attorney Office said that success made by the enemy were due to corruption with the security institutions. Attorney General Farid Hamidi said that poor performance on the battlefields by Afghan security forces was because of the rampant corruption within these structures. Noting this, the government has to clear security departments from corruption and corrupt people. However, there is commitment to fight the scourge, as 908 cases of corruption had been prosecuted and 405 other were finalized in court during past one year. 38 attorneys were also detained over corruption charges. Despite Attorney General pledged to the Afghan people that there would be no impunity for anyone—here is widely believe among people that Attorney General is busy in small cases, and failed to investigate big-wings involved of millions of dollars. It is a known fact that corruption is eating our infrastructures, and this evil practice has to be halted fully. We can’t deny that corruption as a major challenge has severely damaged the war-hit country. Corruption has challenged political, economical stability and social connectivity and also economic growth of our country. Even we can win the ongoing war by eliminating corruption. The country is at war, and if the government loses the trust of the people, it will have no chance of winning. The endemic corruption has to be ended by any ways and means; and the government would defiantly get the Afghan masses support in its fight against evil practice of corruption.

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