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Editorial: The police connection

Afghans are the worst victims of terrorism. They have rendered matchless sacrifices in the war on terror. There seems no end to the series: blowing up buildings and bridges; detonating explosive-laden vehicles and vests; and killing children, women and elders. In this bloody game, the enemies are the stone-hearted insurgents who have become roaring raging beasts across in country—from north to south and from east to west. It may seem that foes of the nation are clearly identified by the security officials and leaders in their statements. The information and statistics that they provide project a small number of anti-state elements. Moreover, they also blamed certain neighboring countries for interferences.

The information they are providing about the ground situation and miscreants as well as their supporters is just a drop in the ocean. The number of anti-Afghanistan elements is far greater than estimates of the authorities because some people in the government and state institutions are backing the militants. Although, they may be a few but it has negative impact over the security situation. Arrest of policemen by the spy agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), for facilitating a wounded wanted Taliban leader is a grim reminder that black sheep are in abundance the in the system. The NDS found Qari Zahir, spy chief of the Taliban insurgents, in a police vehicle at a check post in Khenjan district of Baghlan. The notorious Taliban leader is under arrest.

Presence of a wanted Taliban leader in a police vehicle begs answer to several questions. Why the cops were not using ambulance, which is always available, if they are innocent? Why they had not contacted the other security agencies if high-ranking police officials knew that they had the spy chief of the Taliban? Does it not show the lack of coordination and misadministration? If they were kept in dark then their arrest needs serious debate over reforms in the police force. In the past two years several stories have been reported regarding maladministration and corruption in police force. Existence of ghost policemen and children in the force were major blows to the police force and the government.

Insider attacks are a worst nightmare for the true policemen who are always ready to lay down their lives in the line of duty.  Reports regarding insider attacks and policemen defected to the Taliban have become a regular content of newspapers and news channels.

Therefore, the government needs to establish a committee to bring reforms in the police force. Keep police clean from black sheep is need of the day. Security agencies cannot concentrate on battles if they are haunted by the fear of insider attacks of cops defecting to the insurgents.



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