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Editorial: The primer secret behind districts’ collapse

Hundreds of security forces evacuated from a military compound and handed over dozens of weapon and military equipment to the Taliban in Shinkai district of southern Zabul province. Retreatment from the military compound sparked criticisms among the Afghans, lashing out the government for its poor war management. Such act of the government put the Afghan security forces under psychological pressure. Whoever is on top of the command- making such irresponsible and mockery decision- is in fact affecting the strong line up of the Afghan military- who have been fighting the Taliban and other insurgents without any foreign supporters as the U.S and NATO allied forces are exiting the country. However President Ashraf Ghani’s First Vice President termed the evacuation (surrender) of the base as intelligent secret, the question rises that if it was intelligence secret, the government should keep it secret, and therefore prevent any further moral affection to the Afghan forces. Such discrimination of the government also retches down the people reliance on the government. The main reason behind collapse of the district is lack reinforcements, logistics, foods, medical supplements, and most importantly a strong war strategy. Our soldiers fight by heart and blood to defend the country but our government pays less attention towards them. The government’s leaders are engaged in personal problems and useless political bargains that give an open hand to the militants across the country to storm the districts. The appointments in the military rankings are basically based on relations and political deals that affected the military ranks in variety of ways. The military leadership is unfortunately devoid of experienced and well-military officials. Nearly four years ago, the government under a so called “reform scheme” fired thousands of experienced military figures and replaced them with inexperienced and unprofessional military officials who may even lack knowledge about our country’s geography and environment. Moreover, the Afghan government is surrounded with people who are not living basically in Afghanistan. What the government needs to do is to pay primer attention to the peace process but make a strong and proper strategy of war. The Taliban have overrun more than 20 districts in several provinces within one last month. The people don’t hold anymore trust on the government’s rhetoric of “tactical retreatment”. 

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