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Editorial: The silence of world on Afghan chaos

Afghanistan- a country of around 5,000-year long history has gone through a lot of ups and downs in various eras of the history. But this country has remained steady and strong despite becoming victim of the global games for several times. In the meantime, another similar scenario is about to happen as the U.S. and Western allies are on the verge of completion their official deadline of exiting troops after 20-years unsuccessful presence. The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly- thousands of people fled their homes and are seeking resettlement in capital Kabul and some major cities due to fierce fighting going on between the Afghan security forces and Taliban. They lack access to humanitarian services, food and medical stuffs. Today, we see that once again our beloved country is on the verge of becoming the victim of another game of world powers. The opportunist enemies have never stop any effort destabilize our homeland. There have been some internal problems but what cause the current chaos indeed is the ignorance of world towards the Afghan issue, particularly the irresponsible withdrawal of allied countries, including the United States- with whom- Kabul signed a bilateral security agreement. The whole world turned its back to Afghanistan- forgetting a fact that the chaos and destabilization of Afghanistan would leaked to the world’s powerful countries, even the west. To evacuate its Afghan allies and diplomats, the U.S. the first batch of the 3,000-American soldiers arrived in Kabul on Saturday. A number of 600 British troops would also come to Kabul. These numbers of troops are coming for whatever reason but it would play some part in slowing the Taliban rapid advances down. The truth is that the U.S. was a worst ally to Afghanistan. Washington should have waited for a bit longer time and persuade the Afghan warring sides to pursue a political settlement. The main pressure should have been put on Pakistan as it holds a dynamic power over the insurgent group. The Afghans are going through the worst situation- it is time for the world countries to listen to the voices of Afghans. Every dark night has a dawn

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