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Editorial: The threshold of tolerance being crossed

Afghanistan continues to suffer at the hands of its evil neighbors. They give proper lip service to peace and stability in Afghanistan and falsely promise cooperation in this regard; however, their actions are literally stabbing Afghanistan in the back. In fact, they never want to see a peaceful Afghanistan because they don’t deem it in their interest. The American point-man for Afghanistan only validated this by saying “competition and differences among Central Asian countries had created challenges to a regional consensus on the Afghan peace effort.” It’s not just Central Asian countries but our immediate neighbors see their loss in peace returning to Afghanistan and it seems Zalmay Khalilzad hasn’t been able to achieve a much-needed regional consensus on Afghan peace. On top of all that, the Afghan government has become fragile and incompetent to an extent that incursions on its soil from Pakistan are going unanswered. Since July 15, Pakistani military forces have started unprovoked cross-Durand Line artillery attacks on residential areas in eastern Kunar province. About 12 heavy artillery strikes and more than 160 rockets have resulted in casualties to civilians and security forces alike. In order to protest this aggression of Pakistan, Afghan permanent representative to the UN, Adela Raz, complained to the UN Security Council. However, this is not the first time Pakistan commits such territorial violations, which amount to an unannounced war, and that Afghanistan complains to the UN. There have been such episodes and scenarios replaying for the past one decade or so. Afghanistan has expressed its concerns in the past concerning Pakistan’s brazen attempts to violate all international and humanitarian laws, as well as good neighborliness norms. Nevertheless, these approaches to discourage Pakistan have so far been in vain. Therefore, the Afghan government should alter its policy in this regard and make Pakistan cease its illegal and provocative activities. Complaining doesn’t work anymore. There should be a force to reciprocate and show that there is somebody to defend Afghan masses and their territory. It’s not a deserted land and that heroic people live here, even though they are not at their best new due to evil designs of such neighbors. Meanwhile, our neighboring country Pakistan is well-advised to bring an end to such utter aggression and de-escalate the situation through diplomatic ways. Otherwise, if such aggressions continue targeting the disgruntled Afghans and the government fails to do something about it, a bitter episode will play out among the countries because the threshold of tolerance is being pushed out of limits. 

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