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Editorial: Think before deporting

It is very clear that thousands of Afghans, especially the youngsters of the country took illegal ways to reach European countries. Inadequate livelihood opportunities, unbearable poverty, exponentially growing insecurity and some other social and political taboos had forced the Afghans to land into race of illegal immigration.

The influx of immigration rose up after establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG) which failed to deliver on its promises—ending poverty and improving the national economy to create thousands of job opportunities. With no doubt that the government is responsible for brain drain.

Anyways, a large number of Afghan asylum seekers reached their desire goals, while some others lost their lives in pursing it. Some others were caught in Turkey, failed to get to the European countries.

Germany was the core objective of the Afghan refugees to reach, especially after the country showed willingness to accept refugees. After intense scrutiny and a wide debate across Europe on the increasing number of refugees coming to the continent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that she made some mistakes in the open door policy that welcomed record numbers of migrants. However, now the country announced to deport a group of at least 50 Afghan asylum seekers, whose applications were rejected by the authorities.

Local newspaper, Der Spiegel, citing the government sources, reported that the asylum seekers will be deported in line with an agreement reached between the Afghan and German authorities.

The voluntary deportations are a good solution. We are in favor of welcoming every single talented Afghans to return home as they are vital for our country’s future and prosperity. But, however, the focal point is that what the deported Afghans would do? Joblessness are at boiling point. Insecurity is growing.

To reach safer country, they also sold out their every single property to managed money to the human smuggler. They are empty hand now. Even some of them sold their houses. To earn money and bring bread home, they would do anything without thinking once. None can see their family members struggling with hunger.

They likely to join insurgent ranks, start robbing, killing and abducting for money. And due to any reason, if they restrained from these illegal acts, and to fine alternative way to forget their miseries, they gradually turn to the drugs an intentionally. Gradually they become drug-addicts, and their live would be ruined. We already have large number of addict people which are in worst condition.

Germany and other European countries should perfectly understands why people have been forced to flee from war-torn country. The host country must think at least once before mass deportation.

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