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Editorial: Think of national interest

It is quite known that Afghanistan is the worst victim of foreign influence, terrorism and extremism. It is also crystal that Afghan masses are paying the cost for the war that has been imposed on them for several years. More than three decades of war have been killed and wounded large number of civilians and security personnel. In addition to that, the ongoing violence had also displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Civilian properties were also destroyed.

However, after the formation of the National Unity Government (UNG), things have gone from bad to worse. The Afghan masses were pinned high hope on the NUG, but however, the leaders—President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah have failed to deliver on promises. The NUG has failed miserably to resolve the ousting challenges. The failure resulted in trust-deficit between people and the government. Besides that, the government is going through political crisis and moreover, has no policy aimed at bringing peace and stability in the war-hit country. The NUG failed in several fronts, especially in protecting civilian lives and their properties.

Shah Hussain Murtazawi, Deputy Presidential Spokesman, said on Saturday that Afghan people and the government have lost more than 2 billion Afs in the past two months as insurgent groups intensified attacks across the country. Moreover, he said the Taliban has left a legacy of murders, executions and violence during the past 20 years which includes their rein in mid-1990s and insurgency after their regime was toppled down. “The group has destroyed 302 schools, 41 health facilities, 50 mosques, 2 bridges and over 170 culverts the past two months.”

Furthermore, SIGAR on Sunday reported that “approximately 63.4 percent of the country’s districts are under Afghan government control or influence as of August 28, 2016, a decrease from the 65.6 percent reported as of May 28, 2016. Of Afghanistan’s 407 districts, 258 districts were under government control (88 districts) or influence (170), 33 districts were under insurgent control (8) or influence (25), and 116 districts were “contested.”

The point is that who is responsible for this all miseries. Of course none other than the government. There is only one way left, and that’s whether the leaders of the NUG should choose the right way by putting a full stop to their inner problems and work for the national interest, or the people would seek an alternative to it.

In the previous government there was several problems, but not as much as in the current one. There is no denying to the fact that poor leadership is behind current uncertainty. It is in the benefits of the NUG government to think for the national interest, and instead spare no efforts to maintain peace, security, and furthermore, improve the already fragile economy of the country.

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