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Editorial: Time to act

Following the deadliest wave of terrorism—conducted by Pakistan-based terrorist groups in capital Kabul and other parts of the country, President Ashraf Ghani in a televised address on Friday said, the center of Taliban terrorists is in Pakistan harboring terrorist groups. President Ghani asked Islamabad to abandon its project of terrorism and start meaningful crackdown against terrorists in its soil, rather than mare talks, and process on papers. Prior to this, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Masoom Stanekzai and Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak visited Islamabad, and handed over evidences of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. In return, a Pakistani delegation arrived in Kabul on February 3 to negotiate issues—an act of deceit, diverting pressure. As far as concerned to the responsibilities of unity government and Afghan masses, they have been doing it well to a larger extent. The government leadership has long advocated peace and decisive fight against terrorist groups and terror sponsor states whenever they speak on regional and international forums. The country’s security forces have been chasing insurgency in mountains and valleys across the country on the cost of highest number of sacrifices. Moreover, Afghans—identifying Pakistan as an enemy have drawn a line between friends and foes. However, the international community, specifically our strategic allies in fight against terrorism has yet to materialize its will and remarks by eliminating terrorist groups and triggering terror sponsor states into the court.  For the past 17 years, the US-led coalition is here in the country, fighting terrorism and taking part in reconstruction of the war-hit Afghanistan, but what is the position of peace and stability in the country is known to all. Last day, the former President Hamid Karzai in an interview with the Voice of America, urged President Trump to hold ISI and other security institutions of Pakistan accountable, if Washington wants durable peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the region. Despite pressure, Pakistan-based and Pakistan-trained terrorists conduct violent and destructive activities in various parts of the country and take lives of our people and challenging US/NATO presence. It’s time to remind everyone that Afghan women are not giving birth to their sons and daughters to be ashes in the Pakistan imposed terrorism, and remain silent spectators. We have to get united to overcome all internal rifts and political divisions to confront the challenges, and lead the country towards a peaceful and prosperous future. A national and international campaign should be kicked off to pave way for peace in Afghanistan and held Pakistan accountable for its wrongdoings. Building pressure on Pakistan and paving way for revisiting Durand Line. Overseas Afghans should be institutionalized and special tasks to influence opinion in favor of Afghanistan should be assigned to them. Being a responsible country, we could not close doors to negotiations; however, we must not be deceived at the hands of Pakistan. Time has arrived for the US-led coalition and the rest of the civilized world to gear up efforts against terrorists and terror sponsor states for the sake of peace and joint harmony.


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